It’s been quite a few months since Zinglin kick started its journey! And so far, it's been fabulous. As our coveted creators, we would love for you all to be in on this journey as well.


With an effort to give college students a platform to showcase their talents, Zinglin launched the Zinglin Campus Challenge across various colleges. In this era of social media celebrities and online stardom, ZCC has proved to be the perfect avenue for artists to gain followers and fame alike.


Zinglin is the ultimate one-stop for all content creators out there. And the most unique aspect about Zinglin is with UFO Moviez being its holding company, Zinglin users get a chance to be featured on UFO Movie screens across the country!

Zinglin Campus Challenge - an opportunity for students across

college campuses to showcase their talents in dance, music, drama, sports, comedy, and much more. 


Zinglin ensures their top content creators are given ample opportunities to be the best! How? With the 6-month long Zinglin Influencer Grooming Program.

Top content creators of each batch are paired with influencers and given targets to achieve. They are also rewarded well on reaching the targets.

Apart from the chance to feature on movie screens, Zinglin has also launched ZingShorts!

A short video format web series that will allow talented actors to step into the world of acting and drama. Auditions were conducted and deserving candidates were chosen for this unique venture.

ZCC has been running in batches, 5 batches have run their due course, and the 6th batch is well into inception! With exciting gifts and the chance to feature on movie screens, this challenge has not failed to gather attention.

In fact, it will be a shame to not mention a recent milestone that we crossed.

Till date, Zinglin has engaged 2700+ Zingmates from 175 cities who have generated 45000+ feeds!

After the successful seasons of ZCC, Zinglin has created another platform for the winners, an Inter-College

Competition with the launch of ZIL. The challenge has college students representing their colleges in competition.

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In order to create an engaging platform for users, Zinglin hosts regular month-long as well as week-long challenges, including separate challenges for its PRO users.

Zinglin launched the first-ever challenge, Season of Love, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. With a whopping 445 videos, this was a big hit! February was filled with such exciting short challenges that kept creators on their toes and viewers wanting more.

We recently got done with the Ramp Challenge for all the aspiring fashionistas out there. It was surely the thing for all those who wanted to show their splendid sense of style!

Coming to its end, is the Summer Cooler Challenge.

Contrary to the word 'cool' in its name, this challenge has been running really hot!

After all, what can rock this lockdown if not the perfect challenge to enjoy summer vibes?


...the fever is unstoppable!

We are running the Mera Wala Music Challenge for all the aspiring musicians out there. It was surely the thing for all those who wanted to show their splendid talents in music.


True to the spirit of Zinglin, we have another super fun challenge going on in full blast! For all the crazy fans and fanatics out there, this challenge is your haven! The Fandom Challenge is here to sweep the rugs from under your feet, indeed.

All in all, this whole week has been quite eventful. But then, isn’t that how it is always at Zinglin? With so many challenges, raffles and other events, the fever is unstoppable.

Keep an eye on this space to stay updated on this never-ending madness!

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