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ZingMusic is a collection of original tracks composed by independent musicians for Zinglin. The tracks such as Power2u, Aaja mere sath naach, Baarish jaise ho have brought a great impact on the Zinglers in creating the videos on the app! Want to know more about ZingMusic? Go and discover it in the Zinglin originals music playlist.       

Yaaron ka mahina, is getting us in the mood for some joyful music. So, the latest track in our Zing Music library is,  'Woh Jo Mujhme' by lyricist Archana Singh and vocalist Nymphia Chatterjee and composed by Melody Tracks. It is a classic example of how magic happens when friends come together. The song, “Woh Jo Mujhme'' describes how a girl wants to free herself from the fear of society. Listening to this song makes our soul free in the air. The vocals of Nymphia chatterjee have won hearts of many and the lyrics by Archana Singh have spoken the words of many. This song holds a special place in our heart, as both the lyricist and vocalist have been associated with Zinglin through our ZCC program. Surely, you too won’t be able to get this one out of your mind for weeks.

Have you created your  videos with your buddy yet? If not, head to the content section and participate in the ‘fun together’ contest and give us some amazing content.

To participate in the fun together challenge and use the amazing track, follow these steps:


  1. Go to the Contest Section.

  2. Select the fun together challenge.

  3. Find your partner with the same color.

  4. Click on 'Participate Now'.

  5. Make your collaboration together and have fun!

This journey of music has only begun. Every week we release a new song that’ll only make ZingMusic more and more addicting!


So stay tuned!

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1. Introduction of the artist?

A - Archana Singh is a budding lyricist. She stays in Kurla, Mumbai. She is pursuing MBA from Kohinoor Business School. She is also the founder of Quirky collections that sells laptop bags for affordable prices. She feels through lyrics and poems she can express her feelings.


2. Since when is she associated with music and lyrics writing?

A - Archana began writing as a hobby in the year 2018. She said that many things were going on in her life at that point of time and she wanted to let it out but couldn’t as there was no one to talk to, so to express what she was feeling she started writing. She is fond of late 90s and early 2000s songs. She never used to show her writing to anyone until one day one of her colleagues found her book and was surprised by her thoughts. She then participated in a poem writing competition in her college and she won the first prize


3. What is her creative process while writing a song?

A - She makes a basic story in her mind and immediately writes it down and edit it properly. What makes her writing different is the factor of empathy. If she is making a story around a character then she would think of the character as herself. She thinks that the process should be simple and the main thing about writing should not be showcasing to impress but rather it should express the feelings of the writer.


4. Why does she think “Woh Jo Mujhme” is different from other songs?

A - According to her, this song has the emotions of every individual who is involved in this song. From the writers to the composer to the singers, every emotion is involved. This amalgamation made this song so special.


5. What was her reaction when she heard the final mix of the song?

A - She really loves Nymphia Chatterjee’s voice. She wanted her to sing it and when it got released, she was satisfied as it turned out to be exactly the way she wanted it to be. She says, “Nymphia’s voice is perfect and if I make another song then I would definitely collaborate with her”.


6. Apart from writing, what are her hobbies/interests ?

A - She loves to dance. She thinks of herself as a foodie and would love to try every food from all around the world. She also loves to travel a lot. She wants to try everything so that she doesn’t miss out on anything.


7. Who is her inspiration?

A - Anand Bakshi, Gulshan Bawra and all the early 80s and 90s song lyricists are my inspirations. In today’s time, her favourite singer- songwriter is Vilen from Darks Music Company. Even she loves to listen to rap songs and one of her favourite rap artists is Raftaar.


8. Any final words of advice to the audience?

A - She says, “If you like you can write and express your feelings through words then go for it”. Everyone should try writing and he/she should keep empathy in mind. They should avoid hurting or offending others. If they’re not able to write anything just take some time and observe others around you. It will help to get rid of the writer’s block. Last but not the least, always have a positive attitude towards life. Even if you have some negative thoughts, just think of it as some good thing will come in my way in some time. 

Follow the artist! Zinglin id - @thetastebudds